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The challenge

Tesco’s reputation issues, particularly among smaller suppliers, made it imperative for Back-It to be a credible platform for small food and drink businesses to tell their story and bring their brands to market.

The solution

In positioning BackIt, it was essential the brand felt honest and ‘down to earth,’ so creating a manifesto and verbal identity was critical. This BackIt brand had to fit in with Tesco’s brand architecture and feel like it came from the Tesco stable, yet also have its own identity. BackIt also had to showcase its suppliers who were central to the entire project.

The result

BackIt is still in its early stages, as the first projects haven’t yet reached completion. The real measure of BackIt’s success won’t necessarily lie in the number of projects that are funded and make it into stores, but instead it will be measured in how far it manages to shift perceptions of Tesco’s brand.

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